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Important  information:

Effective beginning July 2017 class enrollments:

Educational prerequisites have changed. Full information is given below and in the application packet. A downloadable application packet is available at the bottom of this page.


Before enrolling consider carefully if this is the right time in your life for you and your family. Midwifery is a challenging and demanding lifestyle, often difficult for the entire family. For the midwifery apprentice it can be even more difficult. Before enrolling read the below document. A copy is enclosed in the application packet, and a signed copy required with enrollment.

Is This the Right Time in Your Life to Begin Midwifery School?

For complete details on the program and enrollment see "Program Details".


Note: Effective September 2015 enrollment is no longer open at all times of the year. Applications will be accepted and processed as follows:

For January Class Start: August 30th - December 3rd
  • Due Dates:
    • Mailed documents must be postmarked by November 23rd 
    • All references and supporting documents must be received no later than  December 3rd.
For July Class Start: March 1st - June 15th
  • Due Dates:
    • Mailed documents must be postmarked by June 10th
    • All references and supporting documents must be received no later than June 15th

Class enrollment is limited to 20 students. Applicants may elect to be put on a waiting list if the class is full. If the class is full when the application is received, the application may elect to have her application held, in case of a withdrawal, or the application fee will be refunded.


All necessary academic and clinical skills are taught as part of the program. Applicants must have the following. A detailed list of all prerequisites is in the application packet:

Educational Prerequisites:

  • Must have a minumum of high school or equivalent education. High school transcripts or GED certificate with exam scores, or college transcripts must be submitted. A diploma is not accepted.

Other Prerequisites:

  • Proof of current healthcare provider CPR. Certification must be one of the following:

    • American Heart Association: Basic Life Support (BLS) for the Healthcare Provider

    • Red Cross: Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers

    • National Safety Council: Basic Life Support for Health Care and Professional Rescuers

  • Must be 18 years old
  • Have a valid driver's license (legible, color copy required with application)
  • A written essay on the midwifery model of care. The essay will be evaluated by members of the education committee. Full information and assessment criteria are included in the application packet.

Qualities and Requirements of the Midwifery Student

Midwifery is a physically, emotionally and psychologically demanding profession.

You must have sufficient use of all cognitive, sensory and motor abilities to properly evaluate and care for mothers and babies. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Good interpersonal skills, being able to develop rapport and positive interactions with clients, midwives, and other care providers

  • Able to learn to conduct basic office lab procedures

  • Learn to perform clinical care activities such as palpation, auscultation, percussion and evaluation of physical findings.

  • Analyze and synthesize information to problem solve and reach diagnostic and therapeutic judgments

  • Communicate with accuracy, clarity and sensitivity both verbally and in writing

  • Learn to respond to emergency situations with quick and appropriate actions.

  • Be able to receive and  acknowledge evaluation and respond appropriately 

Application Packet 2018-1r

This is a revised application. Old application forms will not be accepted.

All instructions and a checklist are included with the application packet. Note that the application is in MS Word and must also be completed in Word.

Enrollment Pathway: What to expect of the enrollment process.

Student Policies Handbook