FetoscopeATM Midwifery Training Program

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Workshop and Program Schedules

Each workshop is held twice per year.

Workshop Calendar for 2018 - 2019

Program Schedules

Students and prospective students can download a multi-year ATMMTP program schedule below. Each class schedule is based on the start date for the first module, Introduction to Midwifery. The schedule allows the path of a student to be traced from the start of the first module through the last workshop scheduled. This is the earliest date that a student enrolling in that particular class would be eligible for graduation if all clinical requirements have also been met.

Note: Effective September 2015 enrollment is no longer open at all times of the year. Applications will be accepted and processed as follows:

  • For January Class Start: August 15th - December 1st

  • For July Class Start: March 1st - June 10th

Students will receive program materials and begin work on module 1, Introduction to Midwifery, as soon as the application has been processed, usually within two - three weeks. For more information see the "Enrollment" page.

Program Schedule for Classes Beginning January 2015 to July 2018